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When will l get my package?

For all of our products, we estimate the shipping time to be around 3-7 business days.


I've entered the wrong address, what should l do?

Let us know as soon as possible! We have a very limited amount of time to update the address once your order has been confirmed. In some cases, we will be able to help you redirect your package, but a lot of this is dependent on the carrier. In the cases where we’re unable to change your address, we will do our best to recoup the package and reship it to you - this will, unfortunately, add a bit of delay to your shipment though.


My tracking information isn't updating, why?

Depending on where you live, sometimes the local postal services may be slow to update their tracking information. If you don’t see a change in your tracking information within 3-4 days, please let us know and we’ll do our best to figure out where your package is.


My package says delivered, but l never received anything, what to do?

Sometimes, postal services will pre-emptively update their shipping status of deliveries and it may take an additional 24 hours to be delivered. If you still haven’t received your package after this time frame, it may be a lost shipment. In this scenario, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to track the package down and reship if necessary. We cannot offer any refunds or reship order for free if it’s marked as delivered or in some case we will need to charge a reshipment fee if the item is marked as returned to the sender.


My package was seized by customs, what can l do?

Similar to the above, all products are subject to a certain level of customs risk. In this scenario, customs offices may demand additional information in order for you to receive your package. The best way to receive your package is to clearly ask which documents (if any) may be required to relinquish your package. Let us know what is missing and we’ll do our best to pass along the required documents. In the scenario where customs refuses to relinquish the product, we will attempt to reship through a different address provided by you.


My package was damaged when l opened it.

That’s terrible, we’re sorry to hear that. Please take a picture of the initial state of the package you received and send it to us. We use these pictures to file claims with carriers and we want to make sure that future incidents are reduced with additional evidence. We’ll promptly ship you a replacement once this is done.


l was shipped the wrong product.

While this is extremely rare, it certainly does happen from time to time when our warehouses accidentally grab another product. Please take a picture of the product you received so we can pass that to the warehouse - since someone else may have received your product instead! Once you do, we’ll let our warehouse know to ship out another unit.