iFoo&Switch User Guide

iFoo&Switch User Guide

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular game consoles globally in the past several years. Although Nintendo had published an official Switch Dock, tangled HDMI connection still brings big trouble to game lovers in large play space.

How to connect Nintendo Switch Console to a large display wirelessly? Follow this instruction to operate.

1.Set-up iFoo Transmitter

① Connect iFoo H2 Transmitter to the Nintendo Switch power port.

② Connect iFoo Transmitter to a DC/5V/1A power. Nintendo Switch Original power cable could work.

2.Set-up iFoo Receiver

① Connect the HDMI cable and iFoo charing cable to the back of the iFoo Receiver.

② Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI interface of display screen, and connect the iFoo charging cable to a DC/5V power supply.

3.Press To Start Pairing

Please make sure there there is no obstruction between Transmitter and Receiver.

How the PS5 uses H2 to cast screen wirelessly?

How the PS5 uses H2 to cast screen wirelessly?

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