How the PS5 uses H2 to cast screen wirelessly?

How the PS5 uses H2 to cast screen wirelessly?

The PS5 is a very powerful machine and it brings in front extraordinary gameplay experiences and fun moments for you to explore. What makes it very interesting is that it has a great design, and it also integrates the latest cooling technologies. The performance is second to none, and while there weren’t a lot of PS5 games at launch, more and more titles can be played on it. The cool thing about the PS5 is that, with a little bit of work, you can adapt it to cast your screen wirelessly to any TV that supports it.



Why should you cast your screen wirelessly?

If you hate having a lot of wires with your console setup, you are not alone. A lot of people are dealing with this issue, since they have to find ways to hide those wires and it’s not pretty at all. You always end up creating a mess, and it’s not aesthetically pleasing. You need to find a way to solve the problem the best way that you can, and the H2 wireless casting solution can help you more than you might imagine.

Aside from looking great, the wireless casting is also suitable for convenience purposes. It’s a lot easier to place your PS5 console anywhere in your home and cast the signal wirelessly. You still get pretty much the same amazing results, but without wires. That alone can really make a difference. That’s the amazing thing with this tech, you can implement it without any issues, all you need is to just follow the steps and guidelines listed below.

How can you use H2 to cast the PS5 signal wirelessly to your TV?

While it might sound complicated at first, this is actually a very simple process, and it involves just a few simple things you must do.

  • Make sure that your PS5 is plugged into the outlet and it’s running.
  • Connect it to the H2 signal sending unit.
  • Connect the H2 receiver to the TV.
  • Wait until both H2 units have a stable light. This shows that the signal is ok and you can start playing.
  • Once that is done, you will be able to start enjoying your favorite game the way you want.

Are there any limits when it comes to casting the PS5 signal?

The H2 unit is very powerful and it has an amazing set of features that come with it. However, there is a limitation you need to keep in mind. The MMWAVE connection that gets created between the PS5 signal sender and its receiver is good for around 100 feet. That’s actually quite a lot, and it really goes to show the tremendous quality and value you can expect from something like this. All you have to do is to give it a try for yourself and see the way it works.

Is the signal stable?

Based on our experience with the H2 streaming system, everything went smoothly and there were no issues. This shows that yes, you have great stability and an incredible quality overall. It does take a bit of getting used to when it comes to using the H2 on the PS5, but overall the process is smooth and easy to go through. This means you will just need to initiate the connection using the steps we mentioned above and you can get some really good results.

When you use wireless system, the overall signal power is the thing that most people tend to dislike. But the truth is that the PS5 and H2 system we create with this unit can really deliver the quality you want. It’s a pretty fast, convenient and reliable system that will help you play without having to worry about wires that much. On top of that, the quality and clarity always remain the same. The fact that you don’t have to deal with signal loss might not seem that much at first, but in the end it will be well worth it.


We encourage you use the H2 system so you can cast the screen wirelessly and without any issues. Of course this might not seem easy at first, but it does bring in front some amazing results if you tackle it properly. What you will like about the H2 system is that it’s innovative, stable and the fact that it can spread the signal up to 100 feet without dealing with wires is amazing. All you need is to test it out for yourself, and this will become the only way you play your games, with the utmost comfort and quality.

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