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Zero latency mmWave Transmitter

First Nintendo Switch Transmitter

Does is charge or stream? Both.

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I ran video for a show this weekend, using the iFoo pro transmitting from laptop to projector for 2+ hours. We had a couple of very (very) brief pauses in the video, but overall I am extremely pleased with both ease of use -- it connected right away with no trouble and stayed connected throughout -- and performance. My wi-fi wireless was hopeless in the environment, with over a minute of lag, and the iFoo really saved the day. No regrets!

Shawn StendevadKickstarter Backer

Thanks iFoo! Super stoked to see this working. The latency is also really impressive!

Guido VisserKickstarter Backer

I received mine today. Set it up without reading the instructions and it worked perfectly. Took about 10 minutes, most of which was spent moving the Xbox and Nintendo Switch dock away from the TV and onto the end table next to my chair. Now can easily switch systems and what I'm doing without having to get up, I love it.

Alec BreenKickstarter Backer

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